The School Board Vote Is June 27th

  • Our Plan


    When creating an alternative version of the boundary changes, we wanted to continue to hold to the four Guiding Principles of CFAC:

    1. Ensure equity
    2. Forecast for future needs
    3. Value cohorts and community connections
    4. Plan for safety

    While working within those principles, our solution refines the CFAC proposal.  These improvements include:

    1. Keeping communities together by changing as few boundaries as possible
    2. Promote safety by sending children to local middle schools
    3. Ensure available capacity at all new or rebuilt schools

    We believe our plan meets these guidelines and creates fewer changes across the entire district. This alternative plan not only helps elementary schools to stay together from K-12, but 80% of the middle schools will feed to a dedicated high school. This allows students to forge new groups of friends that will continue through high school.  

    Recently, the Highline School District has been a terrific partner working with us to get the numbers we need to make accurate enrollment predictions.  We are still updating individual boundaries based on the numbers provided by the district. If you have feedback, please let us know by sending an email to info@abc4highline.com.

    ABC Feeder School Pattern