The School Board Vote Is June 27th

  • Welcome to the Alternate Boundary Committee (ABC)

    What's New?

    School Board To Vote on CFAC-D Proposal

    The CFAC committee presented their CFAC-D plan to the School Board.  The Board will vote on the proposal at their June 27th meeting.  Please let the School Board know you support this plan. (see below)

    CFAC Releases Final Plan For Board Approval

    CFAC has revised their plan with the feedback from the ABC community.  They will present their CFAC-D plan at the June 6th School Board meeting. See the new CFAC maps.

    Des Moines City Council Approves Resolution

    ABC4Highline recently submitted a resolution to the Des Moines City Council.  The Council unanimously  approved this resolution. The Waterland Blog covers the resolution.

    33rd Legislative District Democrats Approve Resolution

    The 33rd Legislative District Democrats approved a resolution that supports the ABC4Highline proposal.  Click here to read the resolution.

    Normandy Park City Council Approves Resolution

    The Normandy Park City Council unanimously approved Resolution 929.  This resolution is in alignment with the ABC4Highline plan.  Click here to read the resolution.

    ABC4Highline On KOMO TV

    KOMO 4 contacted ABC4Highline to hear our boundary vision.  Click here to watch the interview

    What You Can Do To Help

    Let the School Board Know You Like The CFAC-D Plan

    The Highline School Board has made it clear that community feedback will be a critical component of their decision.  

    You can help make a positive change for the Highline District by contacting the School Board Members and letting them know you approve of the CFAC-D plan.  You will find their email contact information below.

    Tyrone Curry Sr. - Director District 1


    Angelica Alvarez - Director District 2


    Joe Van - Director District 3 (President)


    Bernie Dorsey - Director District 4 (Vice President)


    Fa'izah Bradford - Director District 5


    About Us

    What is the Alternate Boundary Committee?

    As you may have heard, the Highline School District is growing.  As a result of this growth, the district formed the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) and they have proposed some new school boundaries. While we appreciate the efforts of the CFAC, the ABC believes there is a more equitable solution.

    What is different about our plan?

    The ABC believes that the CFAC plan has more changes than necessary. While adding a 5th middle school is a difficult task, keeping communities together, throughout the district, is essential.  The transitions to both middle and high school are already difficult.  We want to give all our children the best opportunity for success. 

    Who We Are

    The Alternate Boundary Line Committee is a committed group of parents, educators, and residents from all over the Highline School District.  While we are not affiliated with the district, we are committed to the success of every Highline student.